Flood Response Team

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Flood Rescue Team

Flood Rescue Teams are made up of search technicians that have completed courses and are qualified to the DEFRA standard for flood relief.

The Flood Rescue Teams are used to assist the Local Authority Resilience Group plus the Fire and Rescue Service with localised flooding and with the rescue of persons trapped by flood waters up to 1m deep with water moving no faster than 2 mph.

The purpose of these qualified flood rescue technicians is to provide an additional resource to assist the Fire And Rescue Service in times of need when their resources are stretched.

The Team Leader will be a qualified Lowland Rescue Team Leader and also hold the appropriate qualification to the team they are leading.

The flood rescue teams always work in the Hot Zone and therefore always have to be wearing appropriate Protective Personal Equipment [PPE].

This team is made up of four search technicians that are qualified to the DEFRA standard for flood rescue, and they would generally but not always follow the traditional foot team structure…

  • Lowland Rescue Team Leader
  • Radio Operator
  • Lowland First Responder Tier D
  • Lowland Rescue Search Technician