Thank you for your interest in joining the team.

At the ‘Meet and Greet’ event, you will attend the SuLSAR HQ for approximately 2-3 hours during the evening. You will meet with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Training Officer, a few of our current Search Technicians and of course the Recruitment Team.

The evening will introduce you to the bare bones of SAR, the equipment we utilise and the varied services we provide, this will include The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

If after this, you decide that you wish to pursue an application to join, we will enrol you with the team and you will then be required to complete a minimum of four training sessions between then and your full intake weekend. This is when you will officially qualify as a Search Technician. These training sessions are YOUR responsibility and must be completed to progress to the next stage of intake.

If you would like to express your interest in attending our next ‘Meet and Greet’ event , please provide the required details on the Online form and a member of the Recruitment Team will contact you directly.

**small print – There is an initial fee of £25 which covers enrolment administration and issued uniform. Then annually after that, you will pay your ongoing members fee of £10**

EOI Form