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In memory of

In memory of
26th November 2018 SulsarLeader

What a wonderful story and what wonderful people we have in Suffolk.

This story comes from one of our members.

“Unknown to me there was a lady chasing me around the Bury St Edmund Christmas Fayre, the lady finally gave up lost in the crowds but then handed an envelope with a note on it to me to another member. I eventually was given the envelope and note but was unsure who this lady was, it transpires she is the daughter of a gentleman called Raymond Mackinder.
I met Raymond after a search I was part of in Bury St Edmunds…… I had stood and chatted with Raymond for some time as he lived opposite the area we discovered our misper….. I remember reassuring him he was safe, he then invited us into his home for a cup of tea but when I told him that the main team were waiting for us to return for a debriefing we respectfully left!
Raymond sadly passed away recently aged 91, his daughter who I also know but I didn’t realise the connection till I spoke with her last night has given us £1000.00 of her inheritance in memory of her dad.
This lady is also known to us for helping with the catering on the Corrie public searches, she also helped fundraising with a bake sale along at Beyton School open day.
She decided to donate some of her inheritance as her father often spoke highly of the team but he only knew my name and wasn’t sure of the other team members on the day. 

Carol decided to hand cash over personally as she knew we were going to be at the Bury St Edmund Christmas Fayre. As advertised on the Find Corrie facebook page the team would be there.
I have met Carol a handful of times and she is a very kind lady.” 

SuLSAR as a team are humbled and appreciative of this kind family. Thank you Carol and Rest in peace Raymond Mackinder. A friend of SuLSAR signing out, safe searching Raymond.